Metropolitan District Nos. 1-4 & 7

About the District / Authority

The Powhaton Road Metropolitan Districts Nos. 1-11 and Powhaton Community Authority (collectively the “Districts”) are quasi-governmental entities, located in Aurora, CO. The Districts were formed to support the development and maintenance of vital infrastructure and amenities for the Harmony community. On this website, you will find information for the Districts including contacts, meeting agendas, financial information, and other District documents. This website is the official posting location for Districts’ meeting notices.

Powhaton Road Metropolitan District No. 1 handles the operations and maintenance of the community parks, basketball and volleyball courts, open space trails, certain common area landscaping, detention ponds, certain private drive lanes, fencing adjacent to common areas, and the underdrain system (not including private service lines to homeowner lots). Please see the maps below for further information about the improvements maintained by the District. To report a concern or to request information not available on this website, please email or call 720-213-6621.

The community also has a separate master homeowners association that handles covenant enforcement, design review, trash services, fee collection, and oversight of the community center amenities. Click here for contact information for the master homeowners association.

Trees in the Common Area (Maintained by District)

  • The District maintains trees in the common areas, including irrigation.
    • Tree replacements are on hold in 2023 due to the new outdoor watering restrictions and drought surcharge imposed by Aurora Water.
      • Dead trees are currently be removed and will be replaced in 2024.
  • There is a framework in place to determine removal and replacement of tree planting locations according to priority.
  • There is not a request process for placing or replacing a tree in a specific location in the common area, as landscaping decisions are made periodically according to budget and direction from the Board of Directors.
  • To express your concern about a specific tree location, please contact us at